[linux-audio-dev] Re: image problem [was Re: [Alsa-devel] help for a levelmeter]

David Gerard Matthews dgm4+ at pitt.edu
Fri Nov 8 19:08:00 UTC 2002

Mark Knecht wrote:

>  I'd pay regular retail prices
>for any program that could compete with Logic, Pro Tools or Cubase SX on the
>Linux platform. 
Whoa, something Mark K. and I agree on!  :)  Right on!

>As a user I feel a bit trapped that I can't get the software
>I want today AT ANY PRICE on Linux because the open source model makes it
>hard for companies to make the investment.
I think it's more the perception of the open source model than anything 
else.  Many people are under the impression
that all software released for Linux must be free, which is of course 
not true.  And of course, there is the whole (somewhat
discredited by present economic circumstances) argument that you *can* 
make money of off free software.
But at this point, much as I prefer free software, I'd be willing to 
plop down $400 USD for a Linux version of
Logic. PT, Cubase, or Cakewalk.
Note, however, that most people who would be willing to do so are 
_already_ using Linux.  I don't know how many
people would be willing to switch platforms if Steinberg decided to port 
Cubase, or Digidesign to port PT.  And while
I would shell out for a fully-functional version of Ardour if Paul 
decided to charge $400 for it, I doubt that many people
who are not already running Linux would be.

>   Just my 2 cents...
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>Taybin wrote:
>>>My point was that if Linux audio developers had the time and inclination
>>>offer their design and/or consulting services to commercial companies,
>>>likely that more Linux-based audio products would come to market.
>>Not to be sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure that LAD programmers refusing
>>offers of work isn't the cause of the lack of linux-based audio products.
>I think that it's a prime cause.  I'd say that it takes a company with
>commercial interests to see a product through development to the point where
>it is ready to release to customers for sale.
>Len Moskowitz
>Core Sound

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