[linux-audio-dev] spiced 12AX7, plots, clipper.so

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Sat Nov 9 10:34:01 UTC 2002

Lamar Owen wrote:

>On Thursday 07 November 2002 19:24, Tim Goetze wrote:
>> after taking some plots from a simple 12AX7 preamp spice
>> model, i've decided to try naive asymmetric hard-clipping,
>> without any antialiasing measures.

>This looks very good.

not good enough yet ... ;)

although i regard my electrical engineering skills as barely
sufficient to connect a guitar to an amplifier, i've spent
more work on the analysis of the spice runs, adding some more
interesting data. the document has moved to:


i'd appreciate it a lot if those of you who are more apt at
EE and/or DSP take a look at the page and correct my deductions
in public or private.

steve, there's a file containing two saw responses as discrete 
data linked to from the page.


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