[linux-audio-dev] Gigasampler vs Halion PR war

Benno Senoner sbenno at gardena.net
Mon Nov 11 11:49:00 UTC 2002

Don't worry David, I think we are wasting our precious time with these
talks (but it is interesting anyway :-) )

Regarding source and binary code:
Being or app opensource, we have the advantage that the source code
does  not constitute a runnable application and this provides several
 legal advantages.
Just to cite an example:
The freetype library http://www.freetype.org/ contains a bytecode
interpreter for font hinting on which Apple holds a patent.
But they can distribute the source because it is disabled in the default
 Makefile. This makes me think that opensource software that might
contain "controversial" code can always be shipped in sourceform since
it is not the final product since only a "description of it".
(where the compiler turns this description into the final product).

back to coding .... (guess what ? :-) )


David Burrows wrote:
> Send the source code to me and I will release it. Why? Because 
> I believe what I said in the above paragraph is true. It is immoral to
> have software patents, not violate them. Especially ones as 
> absurdly simple as this. How could they proove that you did not 
> come up with the idea yourself? Whatever happened to innocent until
>proven guilty

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