[linux-audio-dev] Gigasampler vs Halion PR war

Richard A. Smith rsmith at bitworks.com
Mon Nov 11 13:08:01 UTC 2002

On 11 Nov 2002 18:54:08 +0100, Benno Senoner wrote:

> Don't worry David, I think we are wasting our precious time with these
> talks (but it is interesting anyway :-) )

In in case anyone is really interstested.  I have the patent history
of both patents held by Conexant/Rockwell.  It's pretty vague, dry,
boring stuff to read. 

I bought them a while ago with the intention of issueing a request
for re-exam claiming that there was sufficient prior-art.  But the
with some "unofficial" talks with a Patent laywer doing this could
actually strengthen the patent if it were to pass again.  So I think
I'll just wait and let the big boys hash this one out.

>Bottom line, screw them and their patent.  Let them send their lawyers
>after you, who cares.  If it comes to that, post an article to slashdot

Dave, Originally I was all about this (thats why I bought the
patents) but the Dmitry Sklyarov case kinda took the wind out of my
sails.  Since I live in the US.

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