[linux-audio-dev] wow. who'da thunk it?

Sebastien Metrot meeloo at noos.fr
Sat Nov 16 06:27:00 UTC 2002

The connection management part is the only one that yamaha has a patents on.
They run a licencing program in three parts, one of which is free of charge
(but you have to sign a big NDA & a 30 page contract with them). They only
accept companies and the last time I asked there was no way to register with
them as an individual. The contracts permits to have access to some docs on
& beta software on win32 & osx9 and alpha grade drivers. As I'm registered
on this program I can ask them what they would think about a free software
implementation of the protocol. Does anyone have these infos allready or
should I send them an email?


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> On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 05:58:00PM -0500, Paul Davis wrote:
> Hey, we might get mLAN support after all ;)
> PS Incase I forgot to tell people here the current kernels have support
>    for the underlying protocol (in one direction only IIRC), but no
>    connection management support (and important part).
> - Steve

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