LADPA (was Re: [linux-audio-dev] emagic (logic) drops VST support under OS X)

Mark Knecht mknecht at
Wed Sep 11 15:15:30 UTC 2002

   I would think that known buffer sizes would be a reasonable approach.
MIDI data isn't that dense, assuming you're not recording or playing back
controller information. Notes, sustain pedals, program changes, etc. are
pretty minimal. You could probably just buffer that in a known sized buffer
and use as much as you need.

   I'm glad there's someone else here talking up MIDI.

   Before we go there, I think we should look at the tempo/time
signature/measure marker issues. I don't think they effect audio recording
much (unless we want to talk sample stretching...) but they strongly effect
MIDI data, and how MIDI data is set against audio data. Right now I'd really
like to be able to drag an audio sample to the beginning of a measure, but
we're not at that point yet. I think having that sort of capability will
simplify the actual MIDI integration significantly.

My 2 cents,

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Paul Davis wrote:
>>that doesn't solve the generic malloc problem (strings of arbitrary
>>size) but it does look attractive for the common case of fixed-size
> yes, and it would be less than a few hours to get it working.
> the problem is that many of the interesting data types are variable
> sized. MIDI is the most obvious.
For midi: wouldn't it be possible to allocate block of the upper bound-size.
I mean midi is constrained by the transfer-rate. Commands can be placed into
the buffer at the point in time when they should occure. Ofcourse they need
to check
if the time-slot is still free and should use the next free one.

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