[linux-audio-dev] more hdsp stuff

D R Holsbeck drh at niptron.com
Fri Sep 13 15:14:01 UTC 2002

any new and updated info on the cardbus interface, for the HDSP. Mine
should be in the post today, and I am chomping at the bit

On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 17:03, Paul Davis wrote:
> >Just unwrapped my new thinkpad, so I am thinking of ordering the cardbus
> >interface for my hdsp. Has anyone gotten the cardbus to work with the
> >digiface box?
> it works (orm has reported it working). it seems very dependent on the
> kernel, cardbus utilities and possibly the underlying hardware. if
> these 2 succeed with their task of making the pcmcia card appear like
> a normal PCI device, then everything proceeds as normal. several
> people have combinations of these 3 that fail at this goal.
> >As for the pci/digiface system  I currently have, it seems that even
> >with the latest cvs code, I still need to unload/reload the hdsp module,
> >before Jack is able to use the device. I dont remember the exact
> i believe i have already told you that i fixed this, but have not yet
> submitted the patch because i am trying to fix the lack of output issue.
> >message, but I can post it later if it would help. There is no audio
> >output, until I load the rme modules, reboot, and reload the modules.
> >After which everything seems to work fine. Any ideas on where to look
> >for debug info would be greatly appreciated.
> orm did some great detective work. the cardbus/pcmcia version works,
> but when it stops, it seems necessary to eject the card then reload it
> again. this fixes the output problem. i am hoping to try out an
> equivalent process (which you have outlined above), one way or
> another, tonight.
> --p
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