[linux-audio-dev] we should start testing kernel 2.5 ...

Paul Davis pbd at op.net
Sun Sep 29 14:45:01 UTC 2002

from kernel traffic:

  Linus agreed that if the VM is as good as it seems to be, indeed
  the upcoming release deserves to be called 3.0. But he also pointed
  out that there are many silent users who tend not to speak up until
  there is an official release. He asks, "people who are having VM
  trouble with the current 2.5.x series, please _complain_, and tell
  what your workload is. Don't sit silent and make us think we're good
  to go.. And if Ingo is right, I'll do the 3.0.x thing."  ---

since the VM system has screwed us streaming audio types in the past,
it seems wise for us to try it out soon. still, i can't say i'm
thrilled at the prospect ...


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