[linux-audio-dev] Comments on Boulanger's Csound book?

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Mon Sep 30 11:10:01 UTC 2002

Frank Neumann hat gesagt: // Frank Neumann wrote:

> just a short question to those who already have Richard Boulanger's "The
> Csound Book". I was going to order one soon, what is your
> impression/opinion on it? I understand that a certain degree of
> knowledge about synthesis/computer music is required in order it to make
> sense to the reader (I hope I have that), but if that is fulfilled, can
> you recommend this book? Or what are its weak spots in your opinion?

The weak spot is of course also its strength: It's a book about
Csound! Shortly after I bought the book I discoverd PD and I actually
stopped using Csound. But nevertheless it is a very broad book, that
touches a lot of topics of interest beyond Csound. I even adapted some
of the ideas for PD patches. If you're a Csound user, you *need* this
book, if not, I would buy it, if you already have read the Dodge/Jerse 
and the Roads. 

BTW and just for the record: I'm currently reading the Roads, after I
had finished the Dodge, and I must say, I like the Dodge better: It's
clearer and more concise, IMO.

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