[linux-audio-dev] Audio* Project

Nick nicktsocanos at charter.net
Sun Apr 6 23:53:00 UTC 2003

Forget it guys, I'll do it by myself. I really don't care anymore if I
am the only person who ever uses it. 

I just wanted some tools that did what I want the way I want it. Since I
can't run Rebirth on Linux I made a tool like it but not copying it. I
don't want to get into trouble with them. It doesn't violate any
copyright laws that I know of.

I'm not really looking for anything, but it would sure be nice to have 1
person out of the 50 a day who download a day send me an email saying
hello how are you. That is what drives me nuts. Software doesn't grow on
trees and I spent 6 hard months of intense work getting something like
this to come togethor.


Nick <nicktsocanos at charter.net>

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