[linux-audio-dev] gwc-lib released on sourceforge

Jeff Welty weltyj at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 9 11:11:00 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I've posted gwc-lib on:


This is an EXTREMELY crude release from the standpoint of documentation 
at least, (and it took *forever* to get this far), and ..., but I want 
to allow for input into the API.

It so far only includes the denoising algorithm.  I do plan to include 
the declicking and decrackling algorithms.

What got me motivated was 3 things:

1) Conrad Parker's intitial query into getting the algorithms into 
sweep, and subsequent private emails helping me understand many issues.

2) Erik de Castro Lopo's release of Libsamplerate

3) Paul Davis' great post (spurred by libsamplerate) on linux-audio-dev 
about how sharing these basic algorithms in a library format has really 
made it a better world for all of us:


In theory, there are only 2 files you need to look at to start playing 
around - gwc_lib.h which describes the API (sorta), and denoise.c, which 
is an example of how to use the algorithm.  The basic idea is you 
initialize the algorithm with parameters, feed it noise samples via 
buffers, then start using it by writing and reading buffers.  There 
appears to be a small performance hit by using the buffers on the order 
of 10%.

If you've a mind, please grab it and let me know how it goes.  Fire back 
ideas about the API.  And, no, I'm not gonna LADSPA-ize it.

Jeff Welty

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