[linux-audio-dev] Hartman Neuron

Vincent Touquet vincent.touquet at pandora.be
Tue Jun 3 07:12:00 UTC 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 10:30:52AM +0100, Steve Harris wrote:
>Agreed. There are a number of ways to solve this, but sadly they all
>require a significant ammount of effort, and there are always some
>importnat things to be done...
>A laso kinda like the UI melange effect you get on VST systems, though
>some of hte UIs are truely awful.

Luckily the correlation between musical quality and visual
quality isn't always that big :)

>Well, theres the chameleon (sp?), but that isn;t a card, so wont lett you
>accelerate just inner loops. 
Its very nice, and it's rack mountable, which is a big plus.

>It would be a nice thing but its hard for DSP
>card manufacturers to compete with CPU+mothboard guys in the
>price/performance stakes, because the volume is so low.
Yeah, hence the phenomenal prices.

>I keep seeing hints that th next generation of motherboards might include
>some sort of DSP capability, and theres always graphics cards, which have
>pretty meaty DSP capabilities.
That would be nice.
They can throw out all the stupid tubes and put in DSPs instead.
(who had the idea to put a tube onto a mainboard ???)

>+ suspend to ram for a standby mode. Linux recoveres from S2R very

nice :) haven't tried it yet, but will do.
I hope the upcoming kernel release will be good to us,
though I think Paul recently raised some issues which still
had to be addressed ?

If we need to start lobbying, now is certainly the time
to get fixes in till 2.6 ... (of course nothing really big,
but maybe there is small stuff which needs to be fixed too ?).
Don't have much time now to test the 2.5.x series though :(



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