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Jay Vaughan seclorum at
Wed Jun 4 07:57:20 UTC 2003

>  >Well, theres the chameleon (sp?), but that isn;t a card, so wont lett you
>  >accelerate just inner loops.
>Its very nice, and it's rack mountable, which is a big plus.

I just have to say that the Chameleon is a rack-hackers tool of 
choice and if any of you audio/Linux guys haven't had a chance to 
check it out yet, you must definitely do so.

It's so nice to have a Chameleon in a rack of gear, and suddenly find 
a need for '808' style drums - fine, load 'em up in the Chameleon and 
forget about the rack.  Oh wait, no we don't need drums, we need 
another Delay for the Rack XL percussion - no problems, Chameleon 
will do that too.  Got a guitarist coming over, give him access to 
the Chameleon for virtual amp simulation.  The list, slowly but 
surely, of Chameleon applications goes on and on...

Chameleon is a 'plugins' mentality with hardware levels of quality 
expectations, and in that capacity it works very, very well.  I can 
*always* make a PC running plugins crash - I have never, ever crashed 
the Chameleon, even with my coding efforts.

The Chameleon in my rack fits in just as an important role as the 
Virus Rack XL in the same rack, in my opinion... if you haven't 
checked it out, and you're an 'audio apps' hacker type of Linux 
individual with an interest in DSP, you'll find a lot to like about 
the Chameleon development system.

I know I like mine, anyway!  A lot!  (Well, hey, I also like my 
Access DSP development hardware too, but that's a different story and 
not for this forum...)

I only wish there were better Linux (or OSX) development tools for 
the Chameleon - I despise having to have a Windows partition around 
just for Chameleon hacking.  Boo!!



Jay Vaughan
r&d>>music:technology:synthesizers -

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