[linux-audio-dev] System Exclusive question

Chris Wareham chris.wareham at btinternet.com
Mon Jun 9 15:24:00 UTC 2003


I'm trying to write a patch editor and librarian for Roland's CM-32L
synth module. This was a repackaged version of the popular MT-32 with 8
part multimbral support, separate drums and a basic reverb facility. The
only controls on the front panel are a power switch and master volume
knob - everything else has to be done via MIDI.

I have written a simple program to change which preset each part uses,
and can also trigger notes. Now I want to get a SysEx dump so I can put
together the patch editor. However, whenever I send a Request Data
message the unit doesn't appear to respond. It definitely receives the
message as the MIDI activity light comes on. But when I try to read from
the MIDI device file my call blocks forever.

Has anyone had succes in getting SysEx data flowing back and forth
between Roland sound modules and their computer? I have attached my
simple test program in case I'm doing something obviously wrong. By the
way, I'm working on NetBSD which has slightly different MIDI device
filenames to Linux.

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