[linux-audio-dev] System Exclusive question

Jay Vaughan seclorum at mac.com
Mon Jun 9 16:16:00 UTC 2003


>I'm trying to write a patch editor and librarian for Roland's CM-32L
>synth module. This was a repackaged version of the popular MT-32 with 8
>part multimbral support, separate drums and a basic reverb facility. The
>only controls on the front panel are a power switch and master volume
>knob - everything else has to be done via MIDI.

I don't understand why you're re-inventing the wheel ... why don't 
you try to write your app using one of the MIDI libs out there which 
already work, such as MidiShare for example?

I can't see any obvious glaring problems with your code, but I'd 
recommend you try to write your app using an already-working MIDI 
library... there's just no point re-inventing a MIDI API for Linux, 
the ones that are there already work perfectly well.



Jay Vaughan
r&d>>music:technology:synthesizers - www.access-music.de/

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