[linux-audio-dev] Linux && dsp additions

happyguy garb at medievalunderworld.com
Tue Jun 17 11:05:00 UTC 2003

So based on the feedback from the LAD community I'm guessing a Pulsar
driver isn't forthcoming from Creamware.  Too bad, nice hardware with a
fairly well developed platform.  Is there anyone with contacts inside
Creamware that might be able to put me in touch with the right person to
get something like this moving.  Their support group went as far as to
pretend they've never heard of Linux upon contacting them... but my
guess is that not everyone may be singing the same tune.  I'd like to
see if

A) creamware will release some specs for an ambitious individual such as
myself to write a linux/alsa driver

or B) creamware will sell their specs for OSS/GPL development (and
hopefully there is enough interest out there to promptly donate some
paypal funds to afford such a measure :) )

Is this avenue worth pursuing further, or should I look beyond a $1700
PwPulsar and find another DSP/DAW dev platform?  Anyone have any leads? 
I ran into TCelectronics Powercore Firewire which seems decently
assembled, but I do not know of any Linux efforts being made on this...
obviously it is not supported directly.  Of course everyone knows RME
Hammerfall, but alas no DSP power :(.  Still, I would like to give a
little return investment to all those DSP apps the community has already
written for Creamware's SCOPE platform... For those familiar with SCOPE,
know of any other integrated platforms like this that have a good
backing of community support?

Can we live without a good DSP & 24x96?  Not me.


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