[linux-audio-dev] Linux && dsp additions

Jay Vaughan seclorum at mac.com
Tue Jun 17 18:04:01 UTC 2003

>Is this avenue worth pursuing further, or should I look beyond a $1700
>PwPulsar and find another DSP/DAW dev platform?  Anyone have any leads?
>I ran into TCelectronics Powercore Firewire which seems decently
>assembled, but I do not know of any Linux efforts being made on this...

I would say give up on Creamware and try to get a TC Powercore Linux 
project going.

The Powercore products are extremely well supported in their driver 
development efforts right now (releases imminent, I believe) and I 
think that TC would react very positively to anyone attempting to get 
Powercore working in the Linux environment, given the appropriate 
pitch.  Their technology is conducive to the effort to add DSP to 
Linux, anyway.



Jay Vaughan
r&d>>music:technology:synthesizers - www.access-music.de/

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