[linux-audio-dev] Linux && dsp additions

Lea Anthony lea at fluidenterprises.co.uk
Tue Jun 17 14:05:01 UTC 2003

Well, being a creamware user myself, I have to say that it is seriously 
impressive hardware. I would be interested in joining a "Linux Pulsar" group. 
I can give a little finance and programming cycles :)


On Wednesday 18 June 2003 15:53, happyguy wrote:
> So based on the feedback from the LAD community I'm guessing a Pulsar
> driver isn't forthcoming from Creamware.  Too bad, nice hardware with a
> fairly well developed platform.  Is there anyone with contacts inside
> Creamware that might be able to put me in touch with the right person to
> get something like this moving.  Their support group went as far as to
> pretend they've never heard of Linux upon contacting them... but my
> guess is that not everyone may be singing the same tune.  I'd like to
> see if
> A) creamware will release some specs for an ambitious individual such as
> myself to write a linux/alsa driver
> or B) creamware will sell their specs for OSS/GPL development (and
> hopefully there is enough interest out there to promptly donate some
> paypal funds to afford such a measure :) )
> Is this avenue worth pursuing further, or should I look beyond a $1700
> PwPulsar and find another DSP/DAW dev platform?  Anyone have any leads?
> I ran into TCelectronics Powercore Firewire which seems decently
> assembled, but I do not know of any Linux efforts being made on this...
> obviously it is not supported directly.  Of course everyone knows RME
> Hammerfall, but alas no DSP power :(.  Still, I would like to give a
> little return investment to all those DSP apps the community has already
> written for Creamware's SCOPE platform... For those familiar with SCOPE,
> know of any other integrated platforms like this that have a good
> backing of community support?
> Can we live without a good DSP & 24x96?  Not me.
> -s

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