[linux-audio-dev] I have a big question about the future of horgand ...and needs opinion ...

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Fri Jun 20 22:35:01 UTC 2003


 Hi again!!

First i want to tell something ... now i'm learning how to do a automake, 
autoconf ... scripts for add gettext support in order to enable 
internationalization of Horgand, also in v1.02 i will add a easy way to edit 
bass lines and drum loops.

But that is not the question .... the question is .... Horgand was born 
because i was develope a FM synthesizer, not in my webpage now but if someone 
is interested i will put, in fact horgand is a very reduced version of this 
synthesizer called "DXemu", but horgand uses less CPU resources ... 

I think horgand needs better sound, is easy for me to replace the reduced 
synthesizer and put DXemu ... but is hard to edit sounds with this program, 
and also is a FM synthesizer ... is limitated.

A solution can be add sound in a soundtracker way ... like the bass line, but 
with sampled wavs .... is not a good solution, maybe i can use soundfonts ... 
but is silly to load soundfonts if you have a soundcard ... and you have 
already loaded, also they are good soundfont synths like fluidsynth or 
timidity, and i dont know if i can do it. 

Also ... if i want better auto-accompaniment y need to add more sounds ... 
maybe in a soundtracker way ... i dont know ... but if i do it i need to put 
a small score-edit way to edit the arranjments.  

All of this things ... becomes in the big question .... why use audio to do an 
organ with auto-accompaniment? ... is better stop horgand and do it in MIDI 
like Band in a Box?

I really need opinion beacause i dont know what to do.



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