[linux-audio-dev] New form of GPL licence that protects Linux from proprietary world [was: New powermacs?]

krautj at earthlink.net krautj at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 22 00:33:00 UTC 2003

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 20:22:37 -0400, "Ivica Bukvic" wrote:
>Thanks! This really helped me see straight again :-).
>However this brings up one interesting point/problem. Due to GPL nature
>of Linux software, many of our efforts will seamlessly bleed into OS X
>world since there are no restrictions as to which platform this software

Seemless is right.  Check it out (the results of a recent effort to port the Gentoo package system (portage - the backbone of Gentoo) to OS X:


and on the Gentoo homepage (gentoo.org)
Gentoo/MacOS X announced...

thank you python!  And I believe this is good for OSS, since it potentially brings more users into the OSS world, even (in the case of Gentoo/MacOSX) if it's kind of half and half.

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