[linux-audio-dev] New powermacs?

John Lazzaro lazzaro at CS.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Jun 21 17:46:00 UTC 2003

> "Ivica Bukvic" <ico at fuse.net> writes:
> Anyone care to comment or (please) dissuade me from potentially
> making a costly mistake? ;-)

I don't think it needs to be either/or -- I run sfront under Linux
at work doing real-time things, and I run sfront at home using OS X
doing real-time things, and both more or less work OK. 

Personally, I think the biggest issues are the different approaches
OS X and Linux takes on real-time scheduling (constraint scheduling
for OS X, SCHED_FIFO and friends for Linux), and on the need and
methods for keeping the application in RAM to avoid swapping (the 
sfront OS X port took at lot of work to get this right, and in some
ways sfront has a simple memory usage pattern ...). I think Linux
may have something to learn from OS X on the former issue, and OS X
may have something to learn from Linux on the latter issue -- at
the moment at least, the "lazy swap-in" in OS X, even when the 
machine has hundreds of MBytes sitting unused, forces the application
to do its own implicit memory management to avoid artifacts during 
start up.

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