[linux-audio-dev] severe FS corruption w/ reiserfs and 2.5.72-bk3

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sat Jun 21 15:46:01 UTC 2003

a word of warning:

i just completely and utterly trashed my filesystems with 2.5.72-bk2 and 
reiserfs. there are metric shitloads of errors on journal replay and i 
end up in repair mode. did a couple of --rebuild-tree's, but new errors 
cropped up after every reboot.
happens both on scsi and ide drives and ate almost all of my machine...

my reiserfstools are recent (can't recall the version, but it's better 
than or equal to the one listed in Documentation/Changes).

otoh, it seems i had two versions installed, the one that comes with 
suse 8.1 in /sbin/ and mine in /usr/local/sbin. after realizing the 
problem, i moved the current version over to /sbin so that it is invoked 
on startup... might have made the problem worse.

unfortunately i did a number of things at once: upgrade the kernel from 
.72 (which has worked for me quite well), add an ide drive (i didn't 
have ide in my kernel before, and geez! is that module code broken :)) 
and shuffle partitions around. which makes the problem hard to pinpoint.

if anyone wants me to do some forensics on the machine, speak up. 
otherwise i'll swipe it clean and start over from scratch.



(i'd appreciate a cc: of your replies. thanks.)

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