[linux-audio-dev] USB audio capturing

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Fri May 2 14:58:01 UTC 2003

I read:
> I looked at the Griffin Tech page. It's just a normal USB sound device. A/D
> and D/A is in the little pod at the end of the cable. The question is
> whether this device needs it's own driver or whether USB audio is
> standardized enough to work on Linux with some other driver. I suspect it's
> not...

hmmm ... well in my experience pretty much any usb audio device (2in 2out)
that I tested so far just worked. I tried a media one , the stylish harman-
kardon speakers with that g4 cube look, this little round ibook accessory 
(amazingly enough using alsa it turned out to support full duplex, that did
not work under OSX) and some others.



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