[linux-audio-dev] USB audio capturing

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri May 2 17:54:00 UTC 2003

CK hat gesagt: // CK wrote:

> hmmm ... well in my experience pretty much any usb audio device (2in
> 2out) that I tested so far just worked. 

Well, I tested the Edirol UA-20 and it didn't work correctly (at
first), because it isn't following the standard fully. Clemens added a
quirk for it to ALSA, so now it should work, but I don't have it

A lot of manufacturers actually make the devices not follow the
standard so that MS-Windows won't install its own standard drivers and
they can install theirs. This makes the workarounds in ALSA necessary.

To illustrate it, here are two quotes from alsa-kernel/usb/usbquirks.h:

 * In a perfect world, this file would be empty.
 * Roland/RolandED/Edirol devices
 * The USB MIDI Specification has been written by Roland,
 * but a 100% conforming Roland device has yet to be found.

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