[linux-audio-dev] final scratch + native instruments

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Thu May 8 11:52:01 UTC 2003

On Thursday 08 May 2003 17.05, Paul Davis wrote:
> http://news.harmony-central.com/Newp/2003/Final-Scratch-11-Traktor.
> i poked around the website(s) but couldn't figure out if this means
> that TraktorFS runs on linux. someone with more time might be
> inclined to find out ...

Well, I tried to make some sense of that site, but I can't say I 

* There are icons for Mac OS X, and Linux, but no others.

* The list of features includes "Runs on Mac OS X (10.2.3)
  and PC/Linux*", where the footnote says "Runs on standard
  PCs, operating on Linux OS (all needed software included)."

* The package is supposed to contain (among other things)
  "Final Scratch v1.1 for MAC OS X (10.2.3) and PC/Linux.
  Both versions in the same box."

* "Minimum requirements" (wrong header) says "MAC OS X (10.2.3)"
  for minimum and "MAC OS (10.2.3)" for recommended. The
  missing X must be a plain typo, considering the version

* For PC requirements, they're talking about various Windows
  versions - while so far, we've been lead to believe it does
  not run on Windows *at all*... Linux is not even mentioned
  in this section.

* There is a link "MAC - FAQ" ("MAC" as in Mac OS...? If so,
  it's another error.), including sections named "FS MAC" and
  "FS Linux". This is where it gets *really* weird:

	"Is FS for PC compatible with Windows XP?

	FS comes with its own Operating System, which is
	Linux-based. However, you will still need Windows
	for all other software. Windows XP is preferred
	for stability."

  WFT does that mean!? What's "all other software"?

  To me, it sounds like you're supposed to run the real time
  audio engine on a dedicated Linux box, and "the rest" -
  which *might* include tools you need to actually use FS -
  on a Windoze box. Or maybe you don't really need Windoze
  at all, if FS does all you need...? Can't tell.

Looks like whoever created that site had about ten minutes to do so, 
or has no fscking clue what (s)he is talking about. I don't know for 
sure what to make of it.

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