[linux-audio-dev] final scratch + native instruments

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu May 8 12:26:01 UTC 2003

David Olofson hat gesagt: // David Olofson wrote:

> * There is a link "MAC - FAQ" ("MAC" as in Mac OS...? If so,
>   it's another error.), including sections named "FS MAC" and
>   "FS Linux". This is where it gets *really* weird:
> 	"Is FS for PC compatible with Windows XP?
> 	FS comes with its own Operating System, which is
> 	Linux-based. However, you will still need Windows
> 	for all other software. Windows XP is preferred
> 	for stability."
>   WFT does that mean!? What's "all other software"?

Word. Internet Explorer. Cubase. There is no other software besides

>   To me, it sounds like you're supposed to run the real time
>   audio engine on a dedicated Linux box, and "the rest" -
>   which *might* include tools you need to actually use FS -
>   on a Windoze box. Or maybe you don't really need Windoze
>   at all, if FS does all you need...? Can't tell.

Final Scratch runs on Linux-x86. They "install" a desktop icon and
stuff on Windows, but when you "start Final Scratch" it reboots you
machine and starts Linux (probably with finalscratch in /etc/inittab)

Think Knoppix.

Stanton seems to see a need to hide the fact, that they run on Linux,
to the MS-Windows-based community. They must have found out in
marketing research, that the musician's community has a great fear of

There are Howtos on the net, that explain how youcan install final
scratch on a real Debian Linux system without this stupid and for us
unneeded rebooting.

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