[linux-audio-dev] final scratch + native instruments

David Parker david at neongoat.com
Thu May 8 11:55:00 UTC 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003 11:05:23 -0400, Paul Davis wrote:

> http://news.harmony-central.com/Newp/2003/Final-Scratch-11-Traktor.html
> i poked around the website(s) but couldn't figure out if this means
> that TraktorFS runs on linux. someone with more time might be inclined
> to find out ...

I'm not sure about Traktor, since I got the first generation of the Final
Scratch, but it's interesting to note that N2IT (the company that designed the
Final Scratch technology) recently open-sourced their previously binary-only
USB scratchamp driver. To my knowledge the actual data it transfers hasn't
been reverse-engineered yet, but now with the driver that should be much



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