[linux-audio-dev] Kylix

nickt nicktsocanos at charter.net
Thu May 8 19:22:00 UTC 2003

What does the Open source community think of Kylix? I am thinking of
using it for my projects. I have experience with Borland C++ Builder and
I would be able to do much better looking work with it.

So far I think the GUI kits on Linux are a bit primitive compared to
what I was using on Windows. 

I could do cool stuff with Kylix very easily. I think Borland C++
Builder was the best development tool ever made for Rapid development
work. And since I am a Rapid kind of guy it suited my way of doing
things perfectly. FLTK and GTK are not rapid tools, sorry, they just
aren't, they are very clumsy for doing rapid prototyping with (but FLTK
is better than GTK at this).

The only downside is people would need Kylix to compile my programs.
It's a huge download and not everyone has cable modems.

I am most likely going to take the plunge and head to it. I think Kylix
is the best thing to come to Linux yet. I just don't see anyone using it
right now. I am not sure why. I have got it and I am going to set it up
and see what goes on. It said the open version can be used to make GPL
programs with it.

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