[linux-audio-dev] SBLive again

Josh Green jgreen at users.sourceforge.net
Sun May 18 19:58:01 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-05-18 at 08:03, Lukas Degener wrote:

> - As described above, the noise starts every now and then (i haven't yet 
> found something that would proofable trigger it). First there are a few 
> clicks and pops, then it becomes more "dense" and soon it sounds like 
> some high frequent crackling. (dropped frames i suppose, lots of them). 
> This lasts till jackd reports an x-run, and that's where it stops 
> abruptly. (So there are situations when xruns become your friend :-) )
> BTW, any idea how i could get more "run-time" info on what happens in my 
> machine when this crackling starts? Is there a way to "see" irq activity?

The symptoms of your problem remind me of what I experienced with full
duplex operation on a SB Live (i.e., recording and playing back at the
same time). Are you using it in full duplex mode? I seem to remember
this having something to do with the record and playback buffers
drifting out of sync. I'm not sure it was ever solved though. It was
quite a while ago when I was playing with this stuff. Cheers.
	Josh Green

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