[linux-audio-dev] [Tech-OT] Succeeding in following-up...

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Apr 8 22:31:38 UTC 2004

Mr.Freeze hat gesagt: // Mr.Freeze wrote:

> I definitely cannot keep a good tree on the threads I start (take a look at
> "PdDSP?" and you'll see what I mean)... I've tried most combinations of those
> '[mailing-list]', 'Re:' and 'Place-your-title-here' strings unsuccessfully. 
> What's the best way to achieve good results, provided I suscribed for a daily
> batched message list, and therefore cannot answer directly to the original messages?
> Hoping you'll not throw me away to the creeping forum world,

Mutt in general is a good email program, but even Mutt did break the
thread. Funnily only at those mails by "Mr. Freeze". ;)

Some random hints: 
* Only prepend "Re: " in front of the subject. 
* Don't change the subject in any other way (except the occasional "Was: ")
* Try an email agent, that uses and evaluates the "In-Reply-To"-header. 
  Mutt does so.
* Remember: "All mail clients suck.  This one just sucks less." (Mutt

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