[linux-audio-dev]converting old pc hardware to a live music performance toy

drclaw at dogsolitude.org drclaw at dogsolitude.org
Thu Apr 15 15:06:58 UTC 2004

> as a knob. I have yet to buy the controller so I'm open to suggestions. It

Yeah, there are plenty of these out there.  I know off the top of my
head that Roland, Yamaha, and Behringer make 'em.  I've got a Behringer.  
It's cheaper, uses a standard AC power cord, so no wall wart, and has
an extra built in variable pedal.  The only issue is that even though
the casing is made out of metal, the pedals themselves are made out of
plastic, tough plastic, but still... it makes me nervous sometimes.  

> would work with USB or MIDI, or better both. If MIDI, then I also need a

Hrm, can't think of any USB pedals...  

> MIDI input card. Ultimately I would like the software to be as compact as

The most practical midi I/O interfaces I've seen probably come in the
form of breakout boxes.  I've seen them in USB, Serial and Parallel
versions.  You can also get a cable that breaks out the two midi ports
(in and out) and a joystick port without the midi pins from a standard
PC joystick port.  The only thing you've got to watch out for here is
that newer 'soundchip' based 'cards' (this includes most motherboard
audio) or standalone gameport interfaces won't have midi.  If you've got
an ISA interface though (don't know how 'old' your hardware is) and an
old sound blaster 16 or somesuch kicking around, those usually have
rather decent midi capabilities.  Not only that, but you can usually
find them pretty cheap, or in some 486 somebody threw in the trash, and
they're supported by just about everything ever made (though the sound
output is noiser than a tractor trailer truck).  Well, I hope this


- Mike

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