[linux-audio-dev]converting old pc hardware to a live musicperformance toy

Ariel Sommeria asomeria at MAYAH.com
Fri Apr 16 07:19:04 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,
> For a MIDI controlled FX box, you probably want to check out jack-rack
> simpler chains) or AMS (for arbitrarily complex networks of effects).

I checked on AMS, and it seems that I could use it. I have to look a bit
deeper though.
> It seems like it's a good idea to use a flash card and
> that's what I did at first, but flash cards peter out
> after a certain number of writes.
I forgot about that 'detail'. 'll keep the flash card for when IO have
something more mature. It doesn't need to be too rugged to start with.
> old sound blaster 16 or somesuch kicking around, those usually have
> rather decent midi capabilities.
MIDI with an old sound blaster sounds like a good starting point, though I
won't be using it for audio purposes. I even have the old MIDI to gameport
adapter lying around so...
> Yeah, there are plenty of these out there.  I know off the top of my
> head that Roland, Yamaha, and Behringer make 'em.  I've got a Behringer.
I checked on the Behringer website, and the only MIDI controller stuff I
found was in the 'computer based recording' section, with lots of knobs. I
play sax, so it has to be all controllable by foot. Would you have a product

One more question that comes up:
Would someone have a distro to recommend? Compact and already tuned for
audio/low-latency applications? I've started with SuSE, but I could use
something more light weight...
Thanks for all the help!

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