[linux-audio-dev]converting old pc hardware to a live musicperformance toy

Simon Schampijer Simon.Schampijer at ircam.fr
Fri Apr 16 08:23:52 UTC 2004

> One more question that comes up:
> Would someone have a distro to recommend? Compact and already tuned for
> audio/low-latency applications? I've started with SuSE, but I could use
> something more light weight...
> Thanks for all the help!
> Ariel
I think you are looking for Planet CCRMA :


Planet CCRMA (CCRMA is pronounced ``karma'') at Home is a collection of
rpms (RPM stands for RedHat Package Manager) that you can add to a
computer running RedHat 7.3, 8.0, 9 or Fedora Core 1 to transform it
into an audio workstation with a low-latency kernel, current ALSA audio
drivers and a nice set of music, midi, audio and video applications. 

Have a lot of fun

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