[linux-audio-dev] Re: Linux soundapps pages updated

Jan Nieuwenhuizen janneke at gnu.org
Wed Apr 21 09:27:48 UTC 2004

Juhana Sadeharju writes:

> Yep, it is very hard to keep the list up-to-date if developers
> theirself don't write the entries and update them.

Hackers often hope (well, I do) that enthusiastic users will do PR for

What is the URL where do you publish your list?

> Most software I have downloaded won't even compile and documentation
> is not always adequate.

I assume that you help us hackers and send a useful bug report when
that happens?

> I have included a list of unsorted items at the very end.

> Audio
> -----
> LilyPond                   typesetter for music notation
> % http://lilypond.org

looks fine, but

> libfishsound http://www.annodex.net/software/libfishsound/download/libfishsound-0.6.0.tar.gz
> lilyPond
> mammut % notam

what's lily doing here?


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