[linux-audio-dev] ANNOUNCE: cheesetracker 0.9.9 released

james at dis-dot-dat.net james at dis-dot-dat.net
Sat Apr 24 15:09:20 UTC 2004

On Fri, 23 Apr, 2004 at 03:51AM -0300, Juan Linietsky spake thus:
> CheeseTracker is a mature,versatile and extremely full-featured application 
> that works as an all-in-one sequencer/sampler/sample editor/fx processor. It 
> allows for the creation of professional sounding multitrack mixes.
> It includes examples and docummentation, as well as on-line help.
> It can be obtained at http://cheesetronic.sf.net
> Sorry for the delay, even though this was ready some months ago, I didnt have 
> time to fix up a proper release..

OK, had a chance to play with it now.   Couple of points:

Thanks for making G work.

Using shift-F6 seems to cause some juddering on the first pass through
the pattern - I have a 3Ghz p4, so I doubt it's because of my

Any chance that pressing enter on a note will set the current
instrument to the one unter the cursor?  St and IT used to do this,
and it's really handy.

Finally, What do you mean by "doubled filter range?"  I assumed yuo
meant the ZXX effect, but it doesn't seem to be doubled.

Thanks for cheesetracker.  Thank you so much.

> Changes for this version follow:
> -New (still scons-based) build system, should be easier to use.. 
>  -Fixed OSS detection for REAL 
>  -Disabled RtAudio, must reenable it at least for OSX, but that will be 
> version 1.0.0 
>  -All engine converted to floating point, may be a bit slower on pre p4/athlon 
> computers, though a bit more accurate 
>  -Old FX core deprecated, sorry, this wont load effects on pre-9.9 songs, 
> though it will keep the routes. 
>  -Added shift-f6, play pattern from cursor 
>  -Added sample-being-played notification in sample screen. 
>  -Fixed wave-loading bug, should work until i get libaudiofile working 
>  -Fixed ugly bug in GXX introduced in 0.9.1 
>  -More resamplers (FM/Cosine/Cubic Spline). 
>  -Doubled filter range. 
>  -Managed to reduce the source file size a bit 
>  -NEW FILTERS!!! rewrote the filters, they are MUCH better now.. choose 
> between lowpass/bandpass/hipass/notch 
>  -New Effect: Multiband (6/10/21/31) equalizer. 
>  -New effect!: Distortion (with many distortion modes) 
>  -New effect! Pitch Shifter (not amazing, but very tweakeable) 
>  -New effect! Stereo FX (kickass post-production helper) 
>  -New bugs! report them please! 
> Enjoy!
> Juan Linietsky

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