[linux-audio-dev] RFC: Disposable Soft Synth Interface

Jens M Andreasen jens.andreasen at chello.se
Tue Apr 27 22:24:17 UTC 2004

On tis, 2004-04-27 at 18:35, Chris Cannam wrote:
> Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI, pronounced "dizzy")


> The full RFC may be read here:
>   http://dssi.sourceforge.net/RFC.txt

OK! I have read this now.

I find the following to be an overcomplication. First you have:

|  <base path>/program
|  Make a program change on the plugin.  Takes two int arguments, for
|  bank and program number.  (required method)

.. and then just after:

|  <base path>/midi
|  Send an arbitrary MIDI event to the plugin.  Takes a four-byte MIDI
|  string.  ...

.. which covers program change very nicely and even covers multitimbral
synths receiving on several channels (which is for some reason not 
covered by the required method?)

I also find that in 

| 2. Discovery and Startup ...

.. it would be so much much simpler to just have two commands:

show_ui(), hide_ui() or perhaps: ui(TRUE), ui(FALSE)

.. and let the developer spawn a thread, a process or a program (recommended!)
which will take care of the user interface. The plugin "knows" its own
structure and can present a useable layout. The interpreter of a query will 
probably just run out of screen real estate.

For reference: I have 16 channels with 164 parameters each ...
That is to the unsuspecting interpreter a humble 2624 parameters 
on screen :)

mvh // Jens M Andreasen

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