[linux-audio-dev] (web-based) interactive sound art?

Francois Dechelle Francois.Dechelle at ircam.fr
Wed May 5 08:28:20 UTC 2004


To be clear, I didn't want to start a flame war about proprietary vs.
free software. I completely understand your reasons for using Flash or
Java and I agree with you that today there is no free equivalent of
Flash or Java plug-in.

About the OGG alternative, it requires installing a plug-in which is
free software and very easy to install. May be a smooth transition path
would be to propose both MP3 and OGG with a note explaining people why
OGG is better and how they can easily install the OGG plugin.


Le mer 05/05/2004 à 03:56, Pall Thayer a écrit :
> Hi people,
> First of all, I wonder why no-one has thought to contact me to ask about
> these points brought up about my work. Anyway, I'd be happy to explain a
> couple of things like why I use Flash, Java and Mp3 even though they're
> proprietary. I would be very happy to get away from proprietary technologies
> completely but I also want people to be able to enjoy my work with minimum
> effort. I am of course aware of SVG and OGG and do most of my work on Linux
> (except Flash of course). However, although we all love non-proprietary
> software and platforms, they are seldom pre-installed on 'regular' users
> computers. If they drop in at a site that requires that they download and
> install not one, but two or three plug-ins or programs, they're just going
> to skip the site and go to the next one. I would. I could try to be really
> modest and say, "I don't care what anyone else thinks or says, I'm just
> doing this for myself!" But that just wouldn't be true. I'm doing this for
> an audience and the bigger the better. I want people to experience and enjoy
> my work and I know they won't if it involves a bunch of downloading and
> installing. I have been moving towards Java instead of Flash specifically
> because Flash doesn't run well on Linux and with Java I can do all my work
> on Linux.
> On the issue of GPL-ing my stuff. I'm just not that organized. If anyone
> wants to see my files, just contact me and ask. I have nothing against
> sharing them and do whenever anyone requests it.
> best regards,
> Pall Thayer
> artist/teacher
> Fjolbrautaskolinn vid Armula
> http://www.this.is/pallit
> http://www.this.is/pallit/isjs
> http://www.this.is/pallit/harmony

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