[linux-audio-dev] Request to audio related LiveCD packagers

Andrea Glorioso andrea.glorioso at agnula.org
Wed May 5 12:54:52 UTC 2004

[ Re-putting the original Cc: list in, I think that it's a good idea
  to have all the above mentioned parties involved and I didn't read
  any explicit objection to it ]

>>>>> "Jens" == Jens M Andreasen <Jens> writes:

    > On tis, 2004-05-04 at 15:45, Takashi Iwai wrote:
    >> 2) the firmware data is, so far, provided also under GPL, too.
    >> (i.e. it is redistributable by any person.)  and this looks
    >> like a problem.  if the firmware data is regarded as a
    >> "program", the corresponding source codes must be provided.
    >> but if it's nothing but "data"?  how can we prove for/against
    >> that?

    > Ahh! (insert lightbulb ...)

    > So if the firmware was just plainly distributed as "(C) foo.com
    > / bar.org", then the problem would go away?

It would probably solve the  original distributor's problem, but  that
wouldn't mean AGNULA could distribute it inside DeMuDi (not as long as
we reach a consensus  that either that  firmware is not a  program, or
that it is  a non-free program whose distribution  is permitted on the
Live CD because otherwise professional audio users will never use Free


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