[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] DSSI 0.9 released

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Wed Nov 3 19:11:07 UTC 2004

DSSI v0.9 released
I'm happy to announce version 0.9 of the DSSI plugin API.


DSSI is an audio plugin API designed for software instruments with
custom user interfaces.

DSSI is based on the LADSPA effects plugin API, the ALSA sequencer
event types, and OSC (Open Sound Control) communications.  It's
intended to be easily understood, GUI-toolkit-agnostic, and slightly
biased towards familiarity with MIDI.  The DSSI distribution package
contains a JACK/ALSA-sequencer reference host and some plugins as well
as the specification and header.  DSSI 0.9 was constructed by Steve
Harris, Chris Cannam, and Sean Bolton.

New in 0.9
The main improvements in 0.9 are to the reference host implementation
and sample plugins.

The 0.9 API itself is binary compatible with the previous 0.4 release.
A new convention for plugin-global (rather than instance-local)
configuration data and a convention for setting a plugin's project
working directory have been introduced, and 0.9 clarifies certain
implementation points in the documentation.

Available hosts and plugins
Two hosts are currently known to include complete or nearly-complete
DSSI support: the reference jack-dssi-host included in the DSSI 0.9
distribution, and versions 0.9.9 and later of the Rosegarden-4

Currently available plugins include:
 * a FluidSynth soundfont plugin included in the DSSI distribution
 * Xsynth-DSSI, an analog-style (VCAs-VCF-VCO) plugin
 * dssi-vst, a wrapper plugin enabling the use of many Windows VST
   instruments and effects
 * hexter, a Yamaha DX7 modeling plugin
 * three smaller example plugins (two synths and a sampler) that are
   also part of the DSSI distribution.

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