[linux-audio-dev] Re: Tascam US428 Hangup

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Nov 15 11:51:03 UTC 2004

>Am Sonntag 14 November 2004 09:57 schrieb Spencer Russell:
>> I got the latest alsa-drivers from CVS, compiled and installed
>> them, and it's still freezing up. I can have the modules loaded
>> for as long as I like, but it's when I start jack that it seems
>> to have problems. Most recently, I started qjackctl, it worked
>> until I started Ardour, at which point qjackctl died. I killed
>> and restarted jackd, and as soon as I started jackd my computer
>> froze. Every time it freezes like this, my caps lock and scroll
>> lock lights blink together. I got the same -11 error message

interestingly, gerard van dongen and i witnessed the exact same
behaviour on the machines rented for our workshop on ardour at DEAF in
rotterdam last week. however, these machines weren't running ardour or
JACK at the time - any time they went into the X screensaver, it
appeared, they died in this way. they were running a reasonably recent
Gentoo distribution.

>I think the blinking is just a sign for a hard crash.

is there evidence of this anywhere? neither gerard or i had ever seen
this pattern of flashing LEDs. 


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