[linux-audio-dev] 3D fft analysis program

Jan Weil jan.weil at web.de
Sun Oct 3 15:21:31 UTC 2004

On Sun Oct  3 10:01:23 2004 Andres Cabrera wrote:
> I'm not very experienced in programming, so it might take a while, 
> unless someone more experienced gets excited and gives me a hand... =)
> I'm thinking initially of doing a non-realtime analysis, but the design 
> could accomodate the possibility of real-time analysis.
> Martin, I couldn't find anything relevant on "Spectro" or "Musikit" 
> other than a readme file for neXt systems... can you point me in the 
> right direction?
> My initial idea is to use openGL to draw the graphs, that way rotation 
> and the like are easily implemented.

Maybe Alsaplayer's OpenGL spectrum analyzer is a good starting point?

Jan Weil

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