[linux-audio-dev] 3D fft analysis program

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Tue Oct 5 00:58:19 UTC 2004

Downer wrote:

>>  I'm hoping that you're thinking of a realtime display, in which the
>>peaks roll off to create a true waterfall effect.
>Baudline (http://www.baudline.com) is a fantastic viewer that does fft 
>cascade. I've used it for a couple of years, and it is great for figuring out 
>how different sounds "work", and it has an oscilloscope-type display as well.
Alas, whle baudline is indeed a wonderful application it doesn't do a 
true waterfall display. Please see the results on Google for 'alan 
peevers spectrogram' for more info regarding what I'm looking for.

Btw, there's a way to set Cthugha to do this, and I believe it might be 
possible with Pd. Snd creates a nice OpenGL FFT display but it's not 



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