[linux-audio-dev] 3D fft analysis program

Andres Cabrera acabrera at teleset.com.co
Tue Oct 5 13:21:55 UTC 2004

Thanks, I hadn't seen the 3d spectrogram in snd. It does pretty much 
what I wanted to do. So I'll refocus and try to get it working in 
realtime first. It will probably take longer (because I have no idea 
about jack and the like), but I'll get it started.
Thanks for all the suggestions and the pointers from everyone, when I've 
made some progress I'll post.

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Downer wrote:
>>>  I'm hoping that you're thinking of a realtime display, in which the
>>> peaks roll off to create a true waterfall effect.
>> Baudline (http://www.baudline.com) is a fantastic viewer that does fft 
>> cascade. I've used it for a couple of years, and it is great for 
>> figuring out how different sounds "work", and it has an 
>> oscilloscope-type display as well.
> Alas, whle baudline is indeed a wonderful application it doesn't do a 
> true waterfall display. Please see the results on Google for 'alan 
> peevers spectrogram' for more info regarding what I'm looking for.
> Btw, there's a way to set Cthugha to do this, and I believe it might be 
> possible with Pd. Snd creates a nice OpenGL FFT display but it's not 
> realtime.
> Best,
> dp

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