[linux-audio-dev] USB sound card for Mac and PC

Pamplemousse Mk2 pamplemousse_mk2 at netcourrier.com
Tue Oct 5 19:14:05 UTC 2004


I have PIII-500 desktop computer. I plan to buy a recent laptop. I don't 
know what kind, Mac or PC. I would like to buy an external sound card 
too. To be able to use it on my desktop and on my laptop, I think the 
best choice is USB sound card, Firewire seems not to be compatible with 
Linux yet.

Is there any USB sound card compatible with both Mac and PC under Linux 
(does Alsa support PowerMac?)? I have read on internet that USB port add 
4ms of latency. Is USB 2.0 better in latency than USB 1.0?

My sound card would be used essentially for full duplex recording, and 
sampling in live with software that I code or buy. Could someone give me 
name of good USB soundcard? Perhaps PCI sound card too if USB sound card 
is not good enough for latency.


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