[linux-audio-dev] anyone interested to develop a new apps ?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Oct 24 13:43:26 UTC 2004

Jan Depner hat gesagt: // Jan Depner wrote:

> 	Geez Frank, you went and got serious on me ;-)  

I just took it as a cheap excuse to do some more propaganda, sorry. ;)

> Always remember though - scripting languages are not compiled so
> they're much slower. 

Not Pd. (Or AMS,...) Those modular systems are very optimized tools,
which have no real speed disadvantage compared to directly compiled
applications. There is a little bit of overhead, but nothing to worry
about in almost all realworld scenarios. Pd even can use plain C as
scripting language which is compiled on-the-fly using Kjetil's k_cext
external, but I admit, that's a bit exotic (though it actually works).

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