[linux-audio-dev] Sequencer cursor

Mathias Lundgren mathias_lundgren at bredband.net
Mon Oct 25 17:16:03 UTC 2004

mån 2004-10-25 klockan 17.54 skrev Dave Phillips:
> Hi Chris:
>   I must emphasize that my working methods are likely to be far less 
> common that the use of mouse + MIDI keyboard. MusE and RG are excellent 
> applications, and I'm just an old dog who is recalcitrant about learning 
> new tricks (at least re: MIDI sequencing).   Ten years of using one 
> sequencer will do that to ya...  ;-)
> Best regards,
> dp

Hey, MusE has some of the features Thorsten speaks about, too. F.ex.
when opening a part (which you can do by selecting the parts by using
arrow-keys), the first note is selected, and you can move along the
events with the arrows, selecting with shift+arrow, and change pitch w.
ctrl + arrow. Not saying that it's by any means complete, nononon - far
from it, but more will definitely show up in the future.


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