[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] Ecasound 2.3.4 released

Stéphane LETZ letz at rd.grame.fr
Fri Oct 29 14:43:39 UTC 2004

> I don't think MacOS X *has* mlockall().  JACK explicitly sets
> JACK_DO_NOT_MLOCK for that platform.
> -- 
>   joq

That is what i was understanding after some dicussions with Apple guys 
on the CoreAUdio mailing list. (mlockall  was supposed to be usable in 
kernel mode only or maybe they just try to discourage people form using 
But some weeks ago they was a new thread on this issue, and ii appears 
that mlockall kind of functions can be used in user mode also.
I did not find time to check this issue more deeply yet....


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