[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] Ecasound 2.3.4 released

Kai Vehmanen kai.vehmanen at wakkanet.fi
Fri Oct 29 14:52:27 UTC 2004

On 29 Oct 2004, Jack O'Quin wrote:

>>> eca-chainsetup.cpp:621: error: `::mlockall' undeclared (first use here)
> I don't think MacOS X *has* mlockall().  JACK explicitly sets
> JACK_DO_NOT_MLOCK for that platform.

That's what I thought first, but it turned out it _is_ available if you 
define '_P1003_1B_VISIBLE'. See:


Note to everybody, there are still some clitches in the OS X support. 
Few tips to get around them:
 - use the '--enable-pyecasound=python' configure option  (uses the
   native-as-in-written-in-python ECI implementation)
 - either disable JACK with --disable-jack, or edit acinclude.m4 
   and replace "-lrt" with "-framework CoreAudio", and then 
   run "make configure ; ./configure [opts] ; make"  
Unfortunately I don't have time to work on this during this weekend, but
I'll try to put together a new snapshot/release next weekend with all the
fixes included.

Btw, sorry about the changelog-item "Ecasound now works on OS X
out-of-the-box", apparently it does not yet. Oh well, on the positive
side, after the 2.3.4 annoucement I've got unprecedented amount of 
feedback from OS X users. ;)

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