[linux-audio-dev] VP kernels

Lee Revell rlrevell at joe-job.com
Wed Sep 22 23:39:16 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 19:45, Florian Schmidt wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 03:13:43 +0400
> Dmitry Baikov <dsbaikov at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I'm not subscribed to LKML, so positng here.
> > Anyone tried 2.6.9-rc2-mm1-VP-S3?
> > In two words: no luck.
> > i8042 does not work at all (have an usb kbd hopely).
> > Nvidia-61.11 does not modprobe (unresolved symbols), but builds .
> > 
> > 2.6.9-rc1-VP-S0 works fine. except for few lockups after writing cds
> > (may be not kernel, but xorg-6.8.0).
> > 
> > Any comments?
> Hi, 
> i had very mixed results from S0 on. i also experienced frequent
> computer lockups upon cd usage [not only writing], but i made my hw
> responsible for that. Might have been the patches though. With S1, S2
> and S3 i also cannot use pppoe, nor can i insmod the nvidia binary only
> driver after building it successfully. This seem to be problems of the
> mm1 tree though since not applying the VP patch ontop of 2.6.9-rc2-mm1
> yielded the same results. Dunno, if even maybe it's the 2.6.9-rc2
> itself. Will test that tomorrow.

This probably has more to do with the -mm kernel vs. the regular one. 
-mm is the unofficial 'unstable' kernel these days so this is as close
as you can get to running 2.7.

You should report these problems to LKML and cc: Ingo.  Even if you are
not subscribed, people will cc: you on any followups.


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