[linux-audio-dev] Other real-time options

Shayne O'Connor forums at machinehasnoagenda.com
Sat Apr 9 02:46:19 UTC 2005

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

>>If someone sets up this forum, and more than twice of us sign
>>up, that should show those arrogant lklm-people that there are really
>>_a lot_ of us, and that we are strong, and very angry. Hah!
>First, please stop this "arrogant lkml-people" attitude, it won't help.
>Second, I would think that instead of a petition with just lots of names
>on it, I would prefer a letter signed by the maintainers of as many
>Linux projects as possible, i.e. not signed as "Jean-Marc Valin", but
>"Speex maintainer" (Jack maintainer, GnomeMeeting, ...). I'm sure this
>would give a lot more weight to the proposition. 
i would have though a petition from *users* who have gone through the
hell of trying to set up their linux system for audio would be a *lot*
better than, from what i can tell, is an already exhausted path ...

i'm sure the maintainers/developers of linux audio projects could give a
lot more *authority* but i'm sure us users could lend a lot more *weight*.

anyhow, why not do the obvious and combine the two approaches - the
developers/maintainers can draft a petitionary letter to the Kernel
developers, signed as you suggest "Speex maintainer" etc. this can then
be put up on an appropriately set up website where LAUers can add their
name in support ...

... something along these lines anyway ...

i think it would be a huge mistake, though, to issue any sort of
statement/letter/petition that didn't at least make an *attempt* to
incorporate the large and growing base of Ordinary linux audio users.


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